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“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it” – Michelangelo.

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Business Transformation and Change Management

In a particularly unstable and competitive environment your company needs to develop the best tools in terms of organization and productivity to continue its way to success.
Change management can improve your organizational performance by setting priorities for business strategies, focus on the use of resources utilization, strengthen operations, provide a sense of direction and outline measurable goals.
The optimal result of a business transformation will be reached when management, employees, and a tailor-made solution interlock.

Information systems

IT departments support the successful implementation of business strategy. They define IT Strategy, develop and maintain critical applications based on Industry standards and market trends. Kertios Consulting can help you to formulate your strategy and implement modern Information Systems based on best practices and modern technologies.

Human Capital Management

Kertios Consulting specialists give special attention to understanding of your business culture of your business so that our intervention in this highly sensitive sector mixes the elixir that will effectively set you apart from the competition.

Finance and Supply Chain

Controlling financial risks and managing activities according to internal regulations is a top priority to achieve effective management of your business.

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Business Transformation and Change Management

As your company is unique, its context, its internal resources and its culture should be understood, preserved and then enriched.

Working together with the client, we help find a way to increase their competitiveness.
We provide innovative tools and the highest quality advice to help you achieve success with change.
Achievement of the common goal is our main task, our motivation and pride.
Today more than ever, you need to show commitment and a willingness to learn. We will support you on your journey to transformation.

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Finance and Supply Chain

Control financial risks and manage activities according to internal regulations is a priority task to rationally manage your business.

Our consultants have a considerable working experience in the financial sector: retail banking, investment banking, budgeting, purchasing, cost reduction and asset management. They will provide you with the instruments which will facilitate accounting and financial reporting management.
The globalization of supply chains, sourcing in faraway regions, environmental disasters and digitalization have combined to increase complexity along the entire supply chain.
It is necessary to quickly identify and evaluate the risks and make them transparent and controllable.
Our range of services in the field of supply chain management consulting includes strategic alignment of the supply chain and the associated organization, all the way to optimizing operational and specific internal supply chain processes.

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Information systems

This type of projects requires ad hoc competencies, together with the support of efficient project management methods.

Kertios Consulting offers you support and assistance in the realization of your project. We can assist you in Project Management or take direct control of the project, depending on the client’s wishes.

Human Capital Management

Performance and effectiveness of employees is a key component of your company’s success.

Digitalization of key processes related to Human capital management: performance management, payroll, recruitment, competencies management (including learning) and career development.

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