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The Russian government has approved another set of support measures, including customs.

Customs issues:

  • EAEU partners to increase the maximum limit for duty-free imports of goods in e-commerce to €1,000 (five times) by 1 October 2022;
  • fix the exchange rate when paying import duties;
  • prioritise customs clearance at border crossing points for consumer goods, especially food and medicines, as well as equipment, components and spare parts;
  • form a list of critically important imported goods and provide for their significant simplification of customs clearance procedures, as well as zero import duties. In particular, certain types of vegetables and grain crops, additives for the production of finished products and baby food (whey, enzymes, vitamins, thickeners, etc.), goods for the production of pharmaceuticals (organic compounds, pharmaceuticals), as well as certain types of fabric and thread, metal products (certain types of rolled products, alloys), raw materials for the production of construction materials (chalk, clay, additives for cement), spare parts for air transport (engines, radar equipment);
  • suspend anti-dumping duties;
  • to set a zero customs duty rate for importing computer hardware and components for electronics manufacturing – hard disks, storage devices and data storage systems (DSS) – into Russia.

The package includes more than 100 initiatives.

Source: News – Government of Russia

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Frederic Glenat