Kertios Consulting teams remain fully operational in Russia

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Dear colleagues,

In this complex and rapidly-changing environment Kertios Consulting teams remain fully operational in Russia. We continue to provide services for all our existing customers and are actively developing new business opportunities. We are ready to team up with our partners to provide our services to customers globally and locally.

We are able to provide all our consulting and implementation services, including:
• Support of live systems
• Maintenance of applications
• Implementation of new processes and functional areas
• Improving adoption and efficiency in current conditions
• Business Transformation
• Staying compliant with any evolution of the legislation

We kindly invite you to check our capabilities on our web-site or directly contact us at [email protected] or by phone + 7 (499) 426-05-51 – for any questions related to above mentioned applications implementation and support.

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Frederic Glenat