From July 1, a pilot project on traceability in the EAEU is launched

Within the framework of the pilot, information on traceable goods imported into the territory of EAEU, contained in the national traceability systems of the member of the Union, is subject to exchange. At the initial stage, two countries – Russia and Belarus – will take part in the information exchange. The pilot project on the data exchange of information on the movement of goods is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement on the Traceability Mechanism of 29.05.2019, as well as the decision of the EEC Council of 21.01.2022 No. 2

Source: С 1 июля запускается пилотный проект по прослеживаемости в ЕАЭС | ФНС России | 78 Санкт-Петербург (

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Frederic Glenat