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Who we are?

Κερτιοσ (Kertios) signifies the northwesterly wind Mistral in Ancient Greek language…


Kertios is the name that was given by Greek sailors when they were constructing the city of Phocaea after had faced the Mediterranean Sea at the risk of their lifes.  

Today this name is ours, it is the symbol of our will: in this difficult and sometimes even hostile world  provide companies, through the power of work and the benevolence in the relationship, with the wind of change and prosperity

Kertios Consulting introduces and accompanies changes.


Established in 2004 in Paris, now it brings together more than fifty experienced employees from large consulting or operational companies. Its international activity led it to open a branch in Moscow in 2010.

Our fields of activity

  • Human Capital Management
  • Finance, Supply Chain & Distribution
  • Management and Organization
  • Information systems and IT Consulting

Technologies – Our fields of activity

  • Realization of HCM projects based on Oracle systems.
  • Realization of projects for JD Edwards implementaion and localization.
  • Realization of Finance Management projects based on Oracle systems.

The quality of our work is the result of:

  1. Kertios requirements : high competence, tailor-made approach.
  2. Kertios group’s approach: methodology, opening, synergy between consulting and technologies.
  3. Our consulting practice: accompany , equip , organize , enhance.

We work with all international clients, from small businesses to CAC 40 enterprises. Our business networks are extended, notably in Europe, Africa,  Middle East and  CIS countries. Kertios Consulting has also developed sectoral specializations in HCM Management, ERP and cloud solutions implementation.

Our conception of your project’s success

The decision to undertake a change in a company is often difficult because of the variety of business functions that will be affected. Kertios Consulting has chosen to take up these challenges by establishing a broad range of skills to manage these multiple dimensions of change management.

Attached to a tailor-made work, Kertios group tries to translate the companies’ will of changing with solutions closer to their identity and their goals.


  • Signatory of the Diversity Charter.
  • Participant in the Charter of eco-development.
  • Certified Company by ISO 9001. 

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