10th anniversary of Kertios Consulting in Moscow

On July 28, 2020 our friendly team celebrated the 10th anniversary of Kertios Consulting in Moscow. The celebration took place in the French restaurant “Le Carré”, where all guests could taste the fine cuisine of Chef Eric Le Provos.

During the festive evening, our employees remembered their first day at Kertios Consulting, whether it was only a few days or many years ago. Each story was special and memorable, but among the most unusual was the first day on the plane on the way to our client in Germany, with the opening of the new office of Kertios Consulting and even, following the latest trends, remotely from the self-isolation.

We even did not forget about a special cake in honor of Kertios Consulting with 10 candles, which we all blow out one by one for the further prosperity of our company.

It has been a bright and saturated 10 years in the history of Kertios Consulting with many successful projects, difficult but interesting tasks that we have succeeded in coping with, lots of business trips around the world, but we have no doubt that all the best is just ahead and after the next 10 years we will gather again on the same occasion!

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Frederic Glenat